Legal Funding Solutions

Lawsuit Cash Advances, Transportation and Logisitcs.

Assisting Personal Injury Attorneys Since 2009.

Lawsuit Financing

We provide the fastest pre-settlement lawsuit funding approvals in the industry. Less than 24 hours in some cases. Our legal funding company provides the lowest pre settlement rates industry wide – and back that up with our Best Price Guarantee on our loans for lawsuits.

Clerical and Administrative:

With tri-lingual staff (English, Spanish and Portuguese) located in Florianopolis Brazil and Buenos Aires Argentina, Lira Virtual Assistants can handle all attorney cases remotely from the Lira offices.

Tasks Include:

  1. Requesting medical records & bills
  2. Setting up claims with BI, UM, Health insurance, Medicare & medicade
  3. Getting police reports
  4. Drafting demand letters
  5. Reviewing and summarizing medical records
  6. Drafting complaints, discovery responses
  7. Answering & transferring calls
  8. Signing up clients- intake

Car Rentals on Lien.

LIRA owns and operates TABCO LLC, Atlanta’s only car rental company that offers vehicles secured by an attorney lien.

Appraisals, Inspections and Trial Testimony

LIRA owns and operates the Georgia’s largest vehicle appraisal company, handling 400 to 500 Property Damage cases a month. Services include Diminished Value, Total Loss, Repair Estimates, Loss of Use and Specialty Vehicle Valuation services. Services and Price List

Online Marketing Solutions

At LiraVC, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services across various industries, with a special emphasis on law firms. 

Our Services Include:

SEO & Content Marketing: Enhance your online visibility and establish thought leadership with our SEO and content strategies.

Social Media & Paid Ads: Engage your audience and drive targeted traffic with customized social media and paid advertising on Google, Facebook and more.

Website Development: At LiraVC, we specialize in crafting tailored, engaging, and professionally optimized websites to elevate your online presence.

Reputation Management: Build and maintain a positive online presence, crucial for trust and client acquisition.

Why Partner with Us?

Broad Expertise, Legal Focus: While we cater to a wide range of industries, our in-depth knowledge of the legal sector enables us to offer unmatched services for law firms.

Tailored Strategies: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our marketing plans are customized to meet your specific goals.

Commitment to Ethics: We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring our marketing practices respect industry regulations and your professional integrity.