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Tomas Ignacio Alvarez

Legal Assistant at 770 Good Law

Licensed Attorney | Tenant


Argentinian, from Patagonia, Tomás completed a degree in administration regarding academics. In terms of professional work, he has gone through various experiences that allowed him to enhance a dynamic and adaptive profile, integrated into teamwork. His first international experience was in Sheffield, England, developing as a trainee in various areas of a multinational company, exporter of manufactured products. Later, in the finance area, he held a position at the bank, working for the Santander firm as a client representative agent in an environment of digital transformation and customer service with the sale of financial products, for more than three years. Later, he worked for an Argentine financial firm providing financial advice, working with advice on products such as purchases of bonds, shares and opening client accounts abroad. Tomas’ next step was to jump into new international experiences, going to live in Florianopolis, Brazil to seek experience in the real estate market, where after graduating as a real estate agent, he managed to acquire new skills and international relationships.

In July 2023, integrating the Brazilian team, Tomás joined 770 Good Law firm where he currently works as a legal assistant.  He constantly seeks continuous improvement and adding value to the organizational culture, he has passion and conviction for what he does and he sustains his way of working under three fundamental premises, discipline, positivity and gratitude. Finally, as a tool to integrate work with well-being as something holistic, he seeks to develop himself as a yoga teacher to be able to bring the benefits of yoga to the corporate environment.

Skills / Position

  • BI/ PD claims knowledge
  • Adaptative and Dynamic
  • Communication
  • Case organization
  • CRM management
  • Summary writing
  • Yoga development

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