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Vitor Maculan

Legal Assistant at 770 Good Law

Licensed Attorney | Tenant


Vitor is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Social Sciences, whose expertise lies at the intersection of legal practice and social impact. Certified by the Brazilian Bar Association under number 124.132/RS, Vitor stands out as a member of the litigation team at 770Goodlaw, where he brings extensive experience in handling personal injury and property damage claims, demonstrating a profound understanding of legal complexities and a commitment to advocating for his clients’ rights.

He also brings a wealth of experience as an attorney in business law, offering comprehensive legal counsel to businesses of all sizes. His expertise encompasses contract negotiation, and dispute mediation, enabling businesses to navigate legal challenges with confidence and integrity.

Moreover, his passion for multicultural environments is evident in his adeptness at dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Fluent in multiple languages, he fosters meaningful connections and cultivates trust with clients, ensuring effective communication and understanding throughout the legal process.

Skills / Position

  • Litigation in Property Damage and Personal Injury Cases
  • Client Management
  • Business Law

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